Physician House Calls Return!

Too often, patients were being referred to our home health or hospice programs with conditions that could have been easily prevented. We understand that some individuals don’t do a good job of taking care of themselves, brushing off symptoms and shrugging off the notion of seeing a doctor. However, health care providers all too frequently meet individuals struggling with disability and chronic illnesses, those going without medical care not by choice, but because they are unable to get to a doctor’s office. Consequently, their health further declines, and emergency room visits, hospitalizations/re-hospitalizations, residential placements or worse ensue. We believe that everyone has the right to quality medical care and felt a sense of obligation to make access to services easier.

The HHCP family of services includes a physician house call program entitled “Your Physician Solutions” (YPS). We do house calls in Lackawanna, Wyoming, Susquehanna, Wayne and portions of Pike, Monroe and Luzerne counties. We accept most major insurances and there is no additional charge or hidden fees for house calls. We bill your insurance provider directly for services. YPS patients are responsible only for any copayments, just as they would for a regular office visit. We can fulfill the role as your primary physician, or work in partnership with your regular primary physician. Through our vast network of partners, we are able to provide services above and beyond those normally available at physician’s office, thereby negating the need to travel for tests and simple procedures.

For details, including a list of accepted insurances and geographic availability, visit our website,!

About Charles R. Bacinelli, PhD

Dr. Bacinelli holds a Masters in Social Work and a PhD in Human Development. Professional experiences during his 30+ year career includes university teaching as well as direct care and management experiences in child welfare, hospice, home health, counseling, special needs and program development. In addition to overseeing social service staff, Dr. Bacinelli chairs the Ethics Committee and assists in overall program management and development efforts. He is also a licensed PA Notary.


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