logo-headerWelcome to the HHCP, INC. family of services and our new blog. We are the only Northeast PA health care provider offering a full continuum of services delivered to your home. Our staffing compliment is diverse and includes physicians, physician’s assistants, nurses, CNAs, social workers, chaplains and therapists. In addition, our vast network of collaborative partnerships positions us to provide an extensive array of medical services – from in-home optometry to podiatry. We are excited about our service line and the numerous advantages it offers to home-bound seniors and the entire medical community.

Let the blogging begin!

About Charles R. Bacinelli, PhD

Dr. Bacinelli holds a Masters in Social Work and a PhD in Human Development. Professional experiences during his 30+ year career includes university teaching as well as direct care and management experiences in child welfare, hospice, home health, counseling, special needs and program development. In addition to overseeing social service staff, Dr. Bacinelli chairs the Ethics Committee and assists in overall program management and development efforts. He is also a licensed PA Notary.


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