Social Work

Medical Social Workers 

Our social workers are degreed, licensed professionals who specialize in assisting the patient and their family in working through the numerous challenges that accompany illness and accompanying loss of dependence. Social workers advocate on behalf of the patient and family, assisting as necessary in accessing needed community resources (financial, legal, human services, counseling, housing etc.).  

The emotional and spiritual needs of the patient and family are central to patient care. Each patient’s circumstances vary from another, but almost everyone will have major decisions to make. Social workers can provide or help you obtain the information you need to make informed decisions. We believe that respecting the wishes of the patient and their family is vital. Thus, the social worker will not impose any particular agenda, but will provide options, support your wishes and facilitate the process.

Loneliness, anxiousness and fear are common feelings among family members and the social worker is experienced in helping you recognize your feelings, express them and deal with them constructively. The social worker will help the patient and family members cope with the range of emotions that accompany illness. The goal is to assist the patient in building a strong foundation for the future and the changes it may bring. Specific social work services include:

  • Community resource planning, referral service and coordination of services
  • Support & assistance in
    • Preparation of Power of Attorney for Health Care and/or Living Will
    • Coping with emotional adjustments to life changes
    • Crisis intervention
    • Assistance with applications for financial aid
    • Advising with life-style changes
    • Grief counseling/coping with impending loss